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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Littleton Law Firm
Aug. 13, 2020

Only hire an attorney if you have something you need to protect, preserve, or secure. Being injured in Texas means that your rights are being calculated by some of the largest insurance companies in North America. The odds are against you and the right attorney can be essential in leveraging the proper balance to protect your interest, preserve your case, and secure a fair settlement.


THEY KNOW HOW TO PREPARE YOUR CASE. Insurance companies have developed a process and it is always changing. Your life is assigned a claim number and all claims are treated the same way. Being familiar with the process helps increase the overall evaluation of your case.

THEY KNOW WHAT TO PROTECT. Lawyers who practice personal injury law know what evidence is needed to protect the interest of their clients. Dash Cameras, body cameras, data extraction, surveillance videos, 911 transcripts, witness statements, investigators, etc. are just moving parts of a good law firm that can find the evidence, preserve the evidence and use it prove your case. Knowing where to look and how to secure the evidence quickly is worth its weight in gold.

THEY KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT. From insurance adjusters to juries, Personal Injury Lawyers know what to expect from the people evaluating the case. Experience in reading the opponent and reacting quickly are key components to achieving success in a personal injury case. Representing yourself limits your story. It is difficult to make the proper observations and at the same time reach the proper interpretation because it is your injury, your accident, and your story.

THEY UNDERSTAND HOW TO APPLY THE LAW. The State Bar exam is different from any other exam because it tests an attorney’s ability to apply the law in a multiplicity of circumstances. Lawyers are trained in application and using the law to help their clients recover the most for their pain and suffering. Insurance companies use trained professionals to do just the opposite. Hiring your own professional can save you time and money.

YOU GET MORE MONEY. To be a successful attorney, you must master the ability to communicate, influence, advise, and understand. Those skill sets will provide peace of mind, more money, and better results so you can focus on what matters most, getting back on track.