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Injuries – What to Look For

Littleton Law Firm July 7, 2019

At times, injuries may not appear immediate or life threatening where you feel you need to go to the hospital or seek emergency treatment. If you sustained soft tissue injuries, in most cases pains appear within days and can last 6-8 to weeks depending on the extent of damage.

Feeling a dull ache is usually symbolic of a muscle tension or strain. But if you feel sharp stabbing pains than you need to seek expert attention.

Sharp stabbing, throbbing, tingling or numbness that radiates into your arms/hands is most likely a herniation in your neck. Likewise, sharp stabbing, throbbing, tingling or numbness that radiates into your legs/feet is most likely caused by a herniation in your lower back. This type of pain is called radiculopathy and can be confirmed by an MRI or CT scan. This injury requires treatment because left untreated, the pain can get worse and impairing.

If you feel nausea, dizziness, have episodes of vomiting, short term memory loss, confusion, anxiety, and behavioral changes/headaches, you need to seek the attention of a neurologist because you are experiencing symptoms of a concussion.

We encourage all of our client to seek medical attention and listen to their body carefully. For more information.