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Insurance Company Tricks

Littleton Law Firm July 7, 2019

Insurance Companies are designed to save money. That means that they are looking to minimize risk, paying you less.

$500.00 Quick Money Turn Around – The insurance company loves to offer you quick money within the first few days of a claim in hopes that you accept the money and forfeit your rights to any other compensation. This trick works most of the time because people don’t feel injured for the first few days and the insurance company KNOWS its coming. They try to push sales tactics forward and imply that they are just doing you a courtesy, but it needs to be agreed to quickly or the opportunity will pass. Recently, we represented a man who was involved in an accident. He was offered $500.00 to resolve his claim. He didn’t accept and hired our team and walked out with a $100,000.00 settlement.

Audio Releases – This is a relatively new trick for insurance companies. Its a formal statement made to you in which you may agree without too much forethought about a statement made by the adjuster. For example, the adjuster tells you that “Well Ms. Edwards, this will conclude this claim. Do you mind if I turn on the recorder and go through the details with you, its just a formality”. In reality, the adjuster is trying to get you on recording, acknowledging that you agree the amount being paid for a full and final release of all claims. This usually happens in the property damage stage of the case. Ask questions. Don’t agree to anything that isn’t clearly defined.

Check Checks – In some cases insurance companies love to print full and final on checks issued so when you cash the check it becomes binding.