The value of your case depends on many factors.  

  1. Impact severity  
  2. Injury severity  
  3. Documented Pain & Suffering  
  4. Life Adjustments  
  5. Impairments (Temporary or Permanent)  
  6. Lost Wages  
  7. Loss of Earning Capacity  
  8. Incurred Medical Treatment Cost – Future Medical Cost  
  9. Type of Negligence 
  10. Facts or circumstances around the accident  
  11. Witness Testimony  
  12. Officer Testimony  
  13. Pictures / Videos  
  14. Medical Records  
  15. Expert Necessity 

Although the case may have a higher value, Texas law requires that people carry a minimum policy of $30,000.00 per person and $60,000.00 per accident. In Many cases, the value of the case exceeds the policy limits of the responsible party. We highly suggest contacting an experienced attorney to review and evaluate the legal options, should that occur.  

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