The value of your case depends on many factors.  

  1. Impact severity  
  2. Injury severity  
  3. Documented Pain & Suffering  
  4. Life Adjustments  
  5. Impairments (Temporary or Permanent)  
  6. Lost Wages  
  7. Loss of Earning Capacity  
  8. Incurred Medical Treatment Cost – Future Medical Cost  
  9. Type of Negligence 
  10. Facts or circumstances around the accident  
  11. Witness Testimony  
  12. Officer Testimony  
  13. Pictures / Videos  
  14. Medical Records  
  15. Expert Necessity 

Although the case may have a higher value, Texas law requires that people carry a minimum policy of $30,000.00 per person and $60,000.00 per accident. In Many cases, the value of the case exceeds the policy limits of the responsibleoccur.  

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