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Sometimes the insurance company can make things complicated or confusing so we thought to provide a few clear answers to the most common questions we get. 

How much will your services cost?

Won’t cost you anything upfront! Our fees are 33% of whatever is recovered on your behalf. That means there is no money out of your pocket. 

what do i need to bring for a consultation?

You will only need any information relative to the case. That simple. So if you received any paperwork from the police, hospital, pictures (maybe on your phone) anything that might help us put it all together. 

what can i expect from hiring your law firm?


We commit to investigate, protect, preserve and pursue every piece of evidence so that  as our clients, your voices are heard and lives are uniquely represented. So that every insurance company remembers your name, not your claim number.

I heard this firm speaks several languages?

Yes! We speak, English, Spanish, Mandarin, & Cantonese, 

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