Debating on hiring a lawyer?  Here are advantages to hiring a lawyer:  

  • Good Lawyers recover on average 50% more money on settlements 
  • Good Lawyers negotiate on your behalf against the insurance company, lien holders & medical providers to ensure you recover more.  
  • Good Lawyers protect your legal interest and rights.  
  • Good Lawyers launch investigations, collect evidence and secure testimony  
  • Good Lawyers have experts and resources to prove your case.  
  • Good Lawyers understand the complexities of the law as it applies to the facts of your case and can litigate (sue) the other party, adding additional considerations when given low or ignorant offers by the insurance company.  
  • Good Lawyers can help solve the individual challenges you face.  

When is it not a good idea to hire a lawyer? 

  • When you have a Minor Impact and Minor or No injury 
  • If the accident is not your fault and you can clearly prove that, undergoing the necesssary steps to file a claim and get your car repaired are simple. Hiring a lawyer to represent you on a minor impact can actually complicate the process.  

What to Look for when hiring a Lawyer?  

  • Experience – The attorney needs to work in the industry and have experience in the personal injujry field. Remember, you are relying on their advice to make decisions about your life. Ask questions. Find out how long they have been a personal injury lawyer and their background.  
  • A Team – Attorneys always have a team of people working with them. Get a feel for how knowledgeable the members are, how available/helpful they are in answering questions and solving your problems.  
  • Transparency – Look for direct answers to your questions. But be cautious of lawyers who “promise” outcomes without having worked on your case.  
  • Availability – Look for a team who is always there to take your questions, problem solve or go that extra mile.  

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