Hiring adequate representation is vital. Your experience and success is dependent on the team of legal professionals that stand in your interest. Legal teams, generally:

  • Investigate Claims
  • Research Evidence and Laws
  • Draft proposals and pleas
  • Interview Witnesses
  • Advocate for you in trial
  • Represent your losses and seek judgement against those responsible.
  • Deal with the insurance carrier
  • File and execute claims
  • Knows and understands the laws that may affect your compensation

Look for the following when hiring an attorney:

Experience and the type of law they practice.

Littleton & Associates – We have over 40 years of experience and specifically tailored our interest to representing those injured.

The Interview. If your interview isn’t about the facts, your injury, and your recovery and doesn’t clearly outline personalized, professional service. Step Out.

Littleton & Associates – Every file has a highly trained Case Manager and Attorney to assist in each phase of the case, from handling your property damage to your compensation.

What’s included & What’s Not. Pay close attention to the contract. Some lawyers charge for benefits that are already yours, like PIP (Personal Injury Protection). They also exclude the handling of property damage or take a fee from it.

Littleton & Associates – We do not charge for handling your property damage. It’s your property. In fact, we like to be involved because by understanding the various elements of your damages, we can be that much more accurate in demonstrating to the insurance company the velocity of the impact that you went through. We also don’t take any fee to collect benefits like PIP from third party claims.

Pay Attention and ask question about the Claims and Settlement Process. Some lawyers like to settle your claim take a third of your settlement and leave you to pay the medical providers. You may feel that you got a really good deal when the lawyer writes you a big check. BUT, when the medical bills have to be paid, you walk out with little or nothing.

Littleton & Associates – We take care of everything. When you leave, you will not owe anyone and you will have check in hand that in 99.9% of our cases, is more than the doctors or lawyers. After all, it’s your case.

Know The Rules

  1. In all personal injury cases, there is a time cap placed on being able to recover for damages. This can only be extended if a suit is filed on your behalf.
    • For Personal Injury Cases – 2 Years
    • For Cases involving personal injury, BUT the responsible party is uninsured – 4 Years
  2. Listen to your body and seek treatment with your primary care physician quickly. Be honest. Explain your difficulties, describe your pain and explore options that would help diagnose and resolve those issues.
  3. If you sustained bruises, cuts, or contusions, take pictures. It’s important to document not just the initial injury, but the healing process as well.
  4. If you have been to your primary care physician and been through therapy, but still feel significant pain, you may have a more extensive injury. Get help.
  5. Texas laws indicates that only reasonable and necessary charges are to be considered when evaluating your compensation.
  6. Ask questions. It is your right to be informed.
  7. Document Everything.  Remember, we have the burden of proof.

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