dog-bitesTexas law allows for recovery against the owner of a home or a commercial building for the attacks and injuries caused by an animal that is under the control of the owner. This usually involves a household pet of a homeowner. The type of animal and is behavioral history can become very important in determining the evaluation of liability in the case. The insurance coverage comes from the homeowner’s policy that covers general liability. However recently many homeowners’ insurance policies in Texas have been excluding injuries caused by animal attacks. City ordinances and homeowner association regulations may also become important when attempting to demonstrate that violations of such regulations resulted in the attack.

Immediately after an animal attack occurs and the skin of the victim has been punctured, it is very important to contact the county animal control or the police department to file a report. In most instances the investigative agency will require the owner of the animal to produce vaccination records to eliminate the possibility of transmission of rabies. If the owner is unable to do so, the animal may be required to be put in isolation for 10 days or more. The wounds itself should be treated at an emergency room to prevent bacterial infections related to the wound.