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These types of accidents are similar to an automobile accident involving much of the same type of investigation and information. However there are some differences. How the accident took place in where it took place can be critical. Whether or not the accident occurred within a crosswalk or if an individual was riding a bicycle on the sidewalk may have impact on the recoverability of damages. City ordinances and state law control activities of not only motor vehicles but also pedestrians and bicyclists. Many of these types of accidents require an accident reconstruction to be completed by an expert. As in all types of accidents pictures and witnesses are essential.

If you’ve been involved in an accident either by walking as a pedestrian or on a bicycle its important to seek immediate medical attention and alert the authorities. An experienced attorney will be able to help you gather the evidence needed to prove your case. 

Recent Case Study


Our client was riding his bike by Rice University when struck by a motor vehicle. The insurance company denied the claim citing that our client should have observed the vehicle prior to impact and acted to avoid the car. Our client came to us much later than he should have. He sustained serious injury, mounting medical bills and without any way turn this around. He came to us because a friend thought well enough to refer him to our office. We took the case based on his word alone. We went to the scene and launched an investigation based on the dated evidence. We found enough to validate our client and secured him a significant verdict. His medical bills were paid. His health was restored and his life has now moved on. 

Tips for Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents


Call 911 and seek medical attention. Police involvement can be key. Body cameras, dash camera footage can make or break a liabilty investigation.


Take pictures.


Keep a lookout for any possible witnesses.

This is your story and your right to have lived pain free. Represent it.


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