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Car Accident Attorneys in Houston, Texas

Have You Been Hit by Someone Without Insurance?

Uninsured drivers are reckless and can cause significant damages to both people and property. In many cases, the person who hit you may want you to think that they don't have the policy to avoid having it reported. The Littleton Law Firm is designed to meet the challenges and explore all possible means of recovery. We will run asset checks and gather any background information we can. We will work with your insurance carrier to find any policies for that care through TexasSure, a State Program that holds data for millions of automobile policies in Texas.

Hit & Run?

Being involved in a hit-and-run is a frustrating and complex situation. We encourage you to call law enforcement no matter what. Investigations need to be launched immediately to secure any video surveillance or witness testimony available. Evidence can lead us to the driver and a viable insurance policy where, depending on the circumstances, you could be awarded punitive damages.

Let us help you start paving a path forward after a car accident-related injury.

What to Do After an Accident

With over 700 miles of Freeways and Expressways in the Houston, Metropolitan area, accidents happen. Which is why it's important to follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones as well as preserve as much of the situation as accurately as possible.

1. Remain at the Scene
2. Check on the condition of the People involved in the crash;
3. Call 911 and report the accident and remember to indicate the type of emergency services needed.
4. Exchange information with other drivers.
5. Get any contact information from any witnesses.
6. Take pictures – cautiously. Although it's important to gather information and take pictures, do so only when safe.
7. If your car is disabled and requires a tow, ask the police officer for a Police Tow. If you have a place to tow the vehicle to prevent storage charges, then do so. In order to do this, you may have to pay the record driver directly and seek reimbursement from the insurance carrier later.
8. If your vehicle is towed to a storage yard, be VERY CAREFUL about what you sign. Do NOT sign documents that allow for the vehicle to be torn down.

Car accidents can cause significant pain and sometimes long-term impairment. Lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and compensation for your suffering are all elements you're entitled to under Texas Law.

But insurance companies are big and they marginalize your suffering. It's important to hire an attorney that works to prove your case, pursue compensation for your injuries and protect your interest.

Most Recent Case


Our office specializes in car accidents. And although we represent the lives of our clients' daily with successful verdicts or settlements we tend to take pride in the most challenging cases.

Recently we represented a young man who attempted to avoid hitting a man who ran the red light. His maneuver caused him to hit a tree instead. The insurance company denied the claim completely. Our office launched an investigation that included extracting data from our client's engine. We used experts to recreate the accident. Doctors to testify about his injuries. And proved our case. Our client was represented, justice was found and the insurance company was forced to pay our client everything.

Tips when Working with The Insurance Company

  • Tell them only what you know. Don't let them imply or add to your statements.
  • Tell them only where it hurts – you can't diagnose yourself, you're not a doctor.
  • Answer the question only. Much of what is used against you is the added explanation that leaves things open to more questions or interpretations.
  • Be honest.

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