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Transforming Outcomes: Our Law Firm's Strategic Client Partnership

Welcome to the Littleton Law Firm, Texas Personal Injury Attorneys

We're honored to be part of your journey! As legal professionals, we understand how vital it is to have a reliable team on your side. Our firm prides itself on building strong client partnerships, strategic management, and maintaining effective communication. By now you should have received a text from (346-333-3333), please save this number! Anything you text to this number is automatically saved to your file and your entire team is notified for the quickest response.

What happens Now?  

1. Read our Client Welcome Packet: This guide will provide an overview of how we work, what to expect, and how to maximize the benefits of our partnership. You were emailed this packet but just in case you missed it, you can also download it by clicking: Client Welcome Packet

2. Meet the Team! 

One of the largest differences between us and most other firms is our strategic case management which requires a strong and nurturing client partnership. To get us off on the right track, we have taken the time to outline the steps and protocols we use to protect, preserve, and pursue your interests. In some cases, these steps may overlap or be concluded prior to our partnership. Either way, we think it's important to give you a brief introduction.

Every case is assigned three primary team members: A case Manager, a Support Manager, and a Client Care Specialist. The team will work together to cover all the aspects of your case from top to bottom. Here is an outline of each position:

For your case, Paul Littleton is managing your case. Click the link below to save his contact card to your mobile device. 

Paul Littleton 

Paul Littleton Contact Information

The Case Manager 

An experienced professional designed to maximize the value of your case and well-being by navigating the liability investigation, theories of negligence, medical treatment, and damages.

For your case, Marlen Teran is supporting you and Paul in facilitating task and managing departments within the firm who assist in preparing and pursuing your case.  Click the link below to save his contact card to your mobile device. 

Marlen Teran 

The Support Manager 

Assists in all tasks necessary to facilitate the investigations, recovery of damages, medical treatment, and/or information or evidence to prove damages in your case.

Keny Ramirez is supporting you as your Care Specialist. You can expect to hear from her often as she checks in with you, your treatment and injuries. Click the link below to save his contact card to your mobile device. 

Keny Ramirez 

The Client Care Specialist

Assists in facilitating the medical treatment, ensuring that referrals, recommendations and records are accurate and complete. This includes testing, medications, and recommendations.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance. You may contact us by calling any of your assigned team anytime or our main number at 866-333-3333. Again, welcome to the team! We look forward to serving you through a partnership that protects, pursues, and preserves your interest.

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