Here is some general information about the process of an average personal injury claim. We have also included helpful links to find out where your car towed, where you can find your police report and how to file a complaint with the Texas Insurance board.


                        Collect all the information you may have about the accident to bring with you. This includes pictures, exchange of information slips, audio or video recordings, incident reports, medical records, tow slips, etc. If you remember something important before the interview, write it down. The more information we have the better we can serve you.

            THE INTERVIEW

            The interview consists of two parts. The first is gathering any information you have about the accident. This includes how the accident occurred, your injuries, parties involved and facts. The second consist of a throuough look into your legal rights and options. A well trained and experienced attorney will meet with you and answer any questions for free. 


            Receiving the right kind of care is very important. We encourage all our client’s to be as honest and detailed with their physicians as possible. This helps the doctor’s diagnois and treat your condition quicker. This also allows the physicians to properly document your medical records, which gives a clearer picture of the pain, suffering and life adjustments you have had to make


            To negotiate your claim, we will need a multitude of information. For example, your medical records, accident summaries, lost wages, expert opinions or testimony and a bearing on how the accident affected your life. The insurance company will likewise need the same. Some Insurance Companies take longer to evaluate cases. We work in your best interest and will always keep you posted and advise you on the timeframe for your case.


Where Can I Find My Police Report?     CLICK HERE                      

My Car Was Towed, Where Can I Find It?        CLICK HERE                        

To File A Complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance    CLICK HERE

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