If you’re injured, the insurance company will not pay for hospital bills or doctors visits. If you need to see a specialist or undergo surgery, they will not how much your going to have to pay and the burden it places on your family. They do not care if you have to take off work. They will argue against how much you and your family suffered. We have fought the largest Insurance Companies in North America and understand the frustration that comes with the excuses and delays meant to drown out your voice.

Car Accident?

Insurance Companies will use anything you said or did not say to distort the truth enough to deny your claim or keep from paying 100%. They have lawyers that understand the burden of proof that is on your shoulders. They also know that most cases denied are never pursued. Adjusters are not rewarded for being fair, but paying as little as possible. They don’t care about how you couldn’t get to work because your car was in the shop. They don’t care that your car was new. They don’t care that its clearly their fault. They will take their time – every time.



What Does It Mean

To Hire a Littleton Lawyer?

Personalized Service & Commitment

So that every insurance company remembers your name, not your claim number.

40 Years Experience

Helping injured Texans against the largest companies in the United States.

99% Success Rate

And Client Satisfaction

We commit to investigate, protect, preserve and pursue every piece of evidence so that our clients voices are heard and lives are uniquely represented.



From Our Clients

Each of our clients have a story.
That their voices are heard and lives represented is our mission.

What People are Saying

“Highly Recommended”

“Larry is a wonderful lawyer and a nice person. He would try his best to help clients out with his knowledge and skills. I got tremendous help over my difficult case. Highly recommend him!!!”

“Quick and Efficient”

“I had a car accident last year. Mr. Littleton and his team put great efforts on my case which helped me completely resolve the issues with the other party, insurance company and the hospital. It was a lengthy process in nature and they really did a great job in closing the case within 10 month ( which usually takes more than 1 year). I highly recommend them for their professionalism and efficiency.”

“Professional and Experienced”

“I had a car accident last November and was injured. I hired Mr. Littleton to fight for my property damage and personal injury. The other party denied my claim for personal injury first, but Mr. Littleton contacted them many times and eventually helped me get what I deserved. Highly recommended.”

“Awesome Lawyer”

” I really can’t express how wonderful they are to me as their client, and I felt as if I had built a friendship with them. I would recommend this lawyer to my friends and family members and to anyone out there, because they are amazingly friendly and is willing to help you out and guide you through everything step by step.”

Primary Practice Areas

Car Accidents

With millions of drivers on the road everyday, car accident have become the number one way people are injured today. The way insurance companies investigate fault, can leave you waiting for weeks before finally getting cleared to get your car repaired. Insurance Companies are not interested in delays and increasing cost of lost income from not being able to work. They will try to reduce your medical bills, diminish the pain you and your family went thru. We have the legal muscle, resources, and experience to prove everything you lost, to tell your story. Its who we are.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, many accidents can result in the tragic death of a loved one. Texas law allows for the recovery by the surviving children, spouse, and parents. These cases require detailed investigations. We have found that in most cases, there is more to the story. Our team of legal experts, investigative experts, and accident reconstructionist know what it takes to get justice and compensation for such a tragedy.

Bicycle / Pedestrian Accidents / Slip & Fall

Riding a bicycle down a busy road or walking across the street or even slipping on a wet surface can leave you seriously injured. But getting compensation is more difficult than most claims. The insurance companies typically deny responsibility and look for ways to make it look like you are at “fault”. The right investigation can break or make a case. Our team of experts knows exactly where to look.

18 Wheeler Accidents

Accidents that involve these types of vehicles are usually very serious. The big trucking companies have lawyers on call and teams that investigate things quickly sometimes damaging or destroying evidence in the process. These companies have a lot to protect and have crafted effective ways to limit their liabilities. Preserving evidence, protecting your interest and getting you back on track is our primary goal.

Dog Bite / Animal Attack

Texas law allows for recovery against the owner of a home or a commercial building for the attacks and injuries caused by an animal that is under the control of the owner. This usually involves a household pet of a homeowner. The type of animal and its behavioral history can become very important in determining the evaluation of liability in the case. Our team works closely with City Officials to secure the evidence we need and pursue your compensation to a full recovery.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes rarely occur without injury. We have found that insurance carriers always place some negligence on the motorcycle driver in a mad dash attempt to imply “that all drivers of motorcycles are reckless”. Motorcycle cases take an enormous amount of time and skill to prove and present appropriately. Getting representation quickly is key to protecting and preserving your rights.


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