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Our clients are not claim numbers. They are people whose lives have been impacted and the only way to represent them is to partner with them. Everyone in this law firm knows that Partnership is built on trust and transparency. And those foundations mean we listen, learn, and engage in a way that bonds us so we can represent your voice and accurately represent your life.

Case Management

The Littleton Law Firm believes in collective intelligence and steward leadership. Everyone here is involved in every step of your case. We invest in technology to make communication easier and in resources that provide solutions. We work endlessly to create processes that bring your best interest to the forefront so that you can get back to being you.


Everything we do is designed to bring the best results - even in the worst situations. Over 40 years of pursuing, protecting, and preserving our client's rights have led to a uniquely trained team that has brought millions of dollars in compensation to our clients. But the true win is the bond of our client partnerships because it forges unity and purpose that can't be undone.





Representing Texans against the largest insurance companies in North America since 1976

"We are here to help. It's that simple. Our privilege is to represent those whose voices need to be heard and lives represented."

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  • Quick & Efficient

    I had a car accident last year. Mr. Littleton and his team put great efforts on my case which helped me completely resolve the issues with the other party, insurance company and the hospital. It was a lengthy process in nature and they really did a great job in closing the case within 10 month ( ... Read On

  • Highly recommend the Littletons!

    My experience with the Littletons was great. I was involved in an accident that seem the likelihood of a resolution that was in my favor was slim to none. The accident was not my doing, but I was sure this was going to cost me thousands in damages. However, not only were they able to pull me out ... Read On

  • The BEST!

    I have so many good things to say about Mr. Larry Littleton and his law firm and I honestly don't know where to begin, as no words can fully describe how satisfy I feel about their great services. I highly recommend the Littleton's law firm to everyone who is in need of any legal services. Mr. Li... Read On

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Attorney Fees?

For personal injury, fees are paid at the conclusion of settlement. This means you pay no upfront cost. Our standard fee is 33.3% of what we recover for you and applies to the bodily injury portion of your claim.

What if the other driver didn't have insurance?

The other driver, insured or not, is still responsible for the damage. Although, in Texas it can be a lengthy and costly process to sue someone individually for damages - especially when they already can't afford to pay. For those reasons we will investigate the other driver and pursue the best course of action for you.

What if the insurance company denied my case?

An insurance denial is their opinion. Launching an investigation is key in collecting evidence we need in overturning the denial and getting you the justice, you deserve.

How long does a case take?

This depends on several factors but can generally be broken down in stages.

  • Liability Investigations
  • Medical Treatment
  • Settlement Negotiations

If the negotiations don't end up in agreement, we will discuss filing a lawsuit which, depending on the jurisdiction, can take 12 months.

Can I use my health insurance to pay for medical treatment?

Yes! But just be mindful that most major medical health plans (especially Medicare or Medicaid) may hold the right to be paid back from your compensation.

Will I have to go to Court?

Most cases settle outside of the Court Room. But anytime you file a lawsuit, it is a possibility you should prepare for.

Prioritizing Your Needs & Well-Being Above All Else

If you've recently been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, you've already been dealt an unfair hand. Don't let a dispute with the at-fault party or your insurance provider make things even more difficult.

When you need to seek compensation after an accident like a car crash or a slip and fall, reach out to us at the Littleton Law Firm. Our team can help you file a claim and, if necessary, represent you in a state or federal court.

At the end of the day, your health is our top priority. Once you've told us about your symptoms, we can refer you to the medical treatment you need. We'll stay up to date to make sure you're satisfied with the care you're receiving.

Start moving forward today. Contact us for a free consultation with our attorneys. From our office in Houston, we proudly serve clients in Sugar Land, Katy, Richmond, Bellaire, and The Woodlands, Texas.


Client Partnership means you need a team you can depend on. Let us be yours. The Consultation is Free and there are no fees unless we win.

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