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Paul Littleton

Chief Business Development & Operations

Paul Littleton is an entrepreneur and experienced administrator with a working history in productivity systems, negotiations, marketing, information technology, and management. His academic background includes degrees in Business Administration, Marketing, and Humanities coupled with two decades of working experience in the personal injury sector of Texas torts.


  • Professional

    I had a terrified car accident in 2018 and it wasn't my fault. The injury was one of the painful experiences I had in my life. Confused and with zero knowledge on the potential legal issues afterward the accident, I found Mr. Littleton's law firm. Mr. Littleton and his staff had been working on m...
  • The BEST!

    I have so many good things to say about Mr. Larry Littleton and his law firm and I honestly don't know where to begin, as no words can fully describe how satisfy I feel about their great services. I highly recommend the Littleton's law firm to everyone who is in need of any legal services. Mr. Li...

    With my friend‘s recommendation, i came to Larry Littleton's one year ago when i had a car accident.The lawer and his assistant are very professional and thoughtful. They resolved my concerned problems perfectly. Fortunately, i came to Larry Littleton's, i shouldsay.I want to extend my gratitude ...
  • Professional & Experienced

    I had a car accident last November and was injured. I hired Mr. Littleton to fight for my property damage and personal injury. The other party denied my claim for personal injury first, but Mr. Littleton contacted them many times and eventually helped me get what I deserved. Highly recommended.
  • Awesome Lawyer

    I am very appreciative and in content with what this lawyer has done for me about my case involving a major car accident. My friend gave me a recommendation to talk to this lawyer because he stated that this lawyer is good at what he's doing. When I arrived to his office, the lawyer asked me mult...
  • Highly Recommend

    Larry is a wonderful lawyer and a nice person. He would try his best to help clients out with his knowledge and skills. I got tremendous help over my difficult case. Highly recommend him!!!
  • Best in Texas

    Larry and Paul Littleton took care of me from day one, after telling them about my bad experience with the ER doctors, I found a new one, they even paid for my doctor visits and made sure I was being taken care of, keeping me updated and making sure had the best doctors for my surgery, I can't sa...
  • Highly recommend the Littletons!

    My experience with the Littletons was great. I was involved in an accident that seem the likelihood of a resolution that was in my favor was slim to none. The accident was not my doing, but I was sure this was going to cost me thousands in damages. However, not only were they able to pull me out ...
  • Quick & Efficient

    I had a car accident last year. Mr. Littleton and his team put great efforts on my case which helped me completely resolve the issues with the other party, insurance company and the hospital. It was a lengthy process in nature and they really did a great job in closing the case within 10 month ( ...

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