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Who We Are

Erin Wagner, Paul Littleton, and Alma Velazquez

We'll Fight For You

Every case is assigned a Case Manager and Attorney. Both oversee every aspect of your case and keep you updated on each development. They will work through your case from beginning to end and be available for any questions or concerns.
Every case is investigated thoroughly. Our team will look through social media postings, 911 Transcripts, witness statements, police reports, camera footage, and conduct onsite investigations to ensure that all the factors surrounding your case are accurately identified and portrayed.
In every case, we have experts available. Experts in accident reconstruction, engineering, diminished value, or bad faith can be the defining element in winning your case.

Field experts, experienced attorneys, and a highly trained staff are all the components necessary to answer your questions and provide you with adequate and accurate legal counsel. Our office will outline your options from beginning to end, giving you answers that are in your best interest and preserving your rights.